I have proven Ataturk's Sun Language Theory!

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Wikipedia and Western articles/books spread the propaganda that Ataturk's Sun Language theory is pseudo-scientific while all the existing evidence points to the contrary.

First of all, monogenesis, the idea that languages spread from a single origin is much older than Ataturk, in fact, hundreds of years older. Moreover, in 1905 Italian linguist, Alfredo Trombetti, has presented evidence of monogenesis and other linguists followed suit. Nostratic suggested by the Soviet linguists in the 1960s is along the lines of monogenesis. There are linguists who oppose and others who stay on the sideline but nobody calls Nostratic pseudo-scientific.

Second, the idea that human language was born out of rituals has not only scientific basis but also has many adherents from universities and, artificial intelligence labs in the West. Ataturk had suggested that human language was born out of sun worship. There is nothing pseudo-scientific about that either and existing evidence shows that this is the most plausible thesis. Sun worship is the oldest known ancient spiritual practice.

And finally the third, Ataturk's idea regarding Sun Language theory was that the first human language is Turkish based on the fact that Sumerian language, the first known language of humanity is Turkish. It was already known by his time, in the 1930s, that Sumerians were Turks from Central Asia, except that Western propaganda buried these facts put forth by distinguished Western scholars since the 1860s. Ataturk basically picked up from where Western academics had left and built on their work! I have already proven Sumerians were Turks by listing all the literature on the subject in the last 160 years and adding my own findings.

The only propaganda narrative the West uses against Ataturk is that he proposed this theory out of nationalist considerations. That's the worst part of the propaganda. While he certainly was a nationalist, a military commander, and the revolutionary founder of the Turkish Republic, he was a genius who had worked for five years studying features of the Turkish language while still president! He had even written a book on geometry while still president, his interests were broad.

Ataturk's theory is a thesis, a theory that relies on facts. And no one can refute the facts I listed above. All Western academics and Western brainwashed or co-opted Turkish academics and pseudo-intellectuals do is to stick their fingers in their ears and shout 'no, it's not true'. Nothing more. That's what they said about my 'Sumerian Turks: Civilization's Journey from Siberia to Mesopotamia' book too when they said anything at all.

Now, it is very well documented that the West is imperialist and wages wars for political and economic gain. It is the Western modus operandi to accuse anyone resisting their imperialism of being a nationalist as if protecting national sovereignty against an attack is a bad thing. Like the robber who shouts 'you're egoistic' to his victim who tries to defend himself from the attack, the bankers and their media/academics cohorts accuse patriots of nationalism! A big majority of Western academics in social fields follow banker script since the 1848 failed European revolutions.

After Ataturk's death in 1938, Western propaganda arms told people in Turkey: “Nothing to see here, go find your written history records in Asia”. And everyone in Turkey obeyed because, except a few, there was no real Ataturkist in Turkey.

The overwhelming majority of the social field academicians in Turkey would rather believe Western lies than read research, let alone do actual research. Truth does not pay in capitalism!

American real journalist Upton Sinclair's famed quote is totally valid for post WW II Turkey as it is for the West: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, if his salary depends on not understanding it”.

Sun Language Theory - Gunes Dil teorisi in Turkish - largely relies on Sumerian being an archaic Turkish language, as Sumerian is the world's first known language. See Sumerian Turks as well.

Barbarians, they are coming!

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